Do Traeger grills use a lot of electricity?

No, Traeger Grills don’t use a lot of electricity. Many have this misconception because they believe that the grill uses electricity for cooking purposes; it doesn’t. All the electricity it consumes goes into maintaining the internal systems of the grill,…

Keeping your Chickens cool

We still have a lot of Summer left to get through. Do you know how well your flock is holding up? Believe it or not, chickens can tolerate the extreme cold better than they can tolerate the extreme heat. With…

Equine Infectious Anemia: What is it? And How To Prevent It.

In August 2017, the Kansas Animal Health Commissioner was notified that a horse near Garden City Kansas tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) after a routine Coggins test. This initiated follow-up testing of all horses on the index premises,…

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