It's that time of year again. Time for Woodard Mercantile's Crazy Corn Days!

With our 50lb Bags of Whole Corn on sale for only $6.49!

Locally grown, cleaned & ready for your Deer feeder this is the best of the best. Available at our East location in Andover & our West location in Maize. 

Don't forget we also carry Salt & Trace Mineral Blocks in 4lb & 50lb, as well as salt block holders. We also are your local dealer for Purina AntlerMax, a product that is a must have for spring feeding of your deer herd. Packed with protein & all the minerals they need to grow healthy, strong & also grow some impressive antlers!

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Woodard Mercantile West

Woodard Mercantile East

Whole Corn 50lb for $6.49!

Deer Corn camo bag

Locally grown, cleaned Whole Corn is available at our Andover & Maize locations and is only $6.49! You won't find a better deal for the quality of this corn!

AntlerMax® Deer 20 with Climate Guard


Researched 20% ration, with the addition of new Climate Guard™ supplement, specifically reformulated for what free range deer require to support overall health, reproductive performance and antler growth.

Check out our BULK CORN option!


Our Bulk Whole Corn option is available in (approximately) 2,000lb tote bags that can be easily loaded onto your pickup or trailer. It is $231.00/ton which is equivalent to $5.79/50lbs.  It is the exact same locally grown, cleaned whole corn we offer in the 50lb bags but at a bulk price. Each tote will be weighed so they will be priced correctly, and be the best value to you!