Got ‘Em Solar Powered Pest Trap

Bugs won't bug you when you've got the Got 'Em Solar Powered Pest Trap!

Just remove from the box, add a glue board, allow the sunlight to power the solar, at dusk flip the switch on & you're good to go! Insects are attracted to the blue light & banana scented glue boards, they get stuck & that's it. Perfect for your patio, camping, boating & more.

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Have a pest problem? Try our GOT ‘EM Solar powered pest trap! This unique product utilizes our exclusive pheromonal scented glue boards attract pests of all kind. Worried about chemical smells? No worries! Our glue boards are banana scented that the bugs just can’t resist. They get in but they won’t get back out! Our trap also utilizes an environmentally friendly solar-powered blue light that pests can’t resist. Use this trap to catch flies, gnats, mosquitoes, wasps, and ants anywhere you want. Each product is safe enough to keep on your picnic tables, campsites, barns, boats, or anywhere you don’t want to be bothered by insects. The units can also be hung vertically to fit anywhere you need. Each unit comes with four glue traps included. Replacement glue boards can are available for order as well.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Got 'Em Solar Trap (with 4 glue boards included), Replacement glue Boards (pack of 5)