Max-E-Glow Meal

One Year Freshness Guaranteed.  Ensures that your horse is getting fresh, palatable product every time.

Unique Stabilization Process.  Rice bran is the most nutritious part of the rice kernel, but it is important that it is stabilized properly.  NutraCea's® proprietary stabilization process ensures that Max-E-Glo will not become rancid.

"Cool" Nutrition.  High fat and fiber content maintains energy without high-starch hyperactivity, providing your horse with a safe diet.

High Fat for Extra Energy.  High in natural plant-based fat, highly digestible and very palatable.

Superior Top Dress.  Mixes well with other feeds to provide a premium performance supplement.

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Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran, the rice bran horse owners prefer, is a superior performance supplement specifically formulated for horses. Max-E-Glo is available in both pelleted and meal forms and offers several nutrition benefits for your horse:

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 28 × 5 in