Mazuri Hedgehog Diet Feed 8oz


*Highly fortified – No supplementation necessary.
*Contains fish oil – Rich source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
*Contains lecithin – Rich source of phospholipids.
*Contains high fiber – Helps simulate the chitin component of the insect portion of the diet.
*Contains taurine – At levels that meet recommendations for carnivores.
*Contains natural vitamin E and stabilized vitamin C.
*Highly palatable.

*Product Form: Extruded feed: 1/8” round particle.

*Product Size: 8 oz. resealable poly bag.

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Mazuri Hedgehog Diet is a complete hedgehog food that simulates the high-protein, high-fiber diet of this small insectivorous mammal. Although gut-loaded insects may be part of the hedgehog diet, no supplementation is needed when using this hedgehog food, which contains taurine at levels that meet the recommendations for carnivores.

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