Noble Outfitters Womens MUDS COLD FRONT HIGH




Noble Outfitter MUDS Cold Front boots are designed for long-lasting, custom comfort with a foam interior that contours to your foot.

Mud is no longer an issue with the most innovative and comfortable waterproof boot on the market. MUDS Cold Front boots are engineered with a completely unique design, inside and out, to keep you ultra-comfortable and 100% dry in your equestrian gear. During the development of the MUDs boots we discovered rating systems are subjective to the boot manufacturing companies. We proudly stand behind our MUDS boots and have tested this design with the leading footwear research of the world; SATRA (Shoe and Allied Trade Association) & ASTM (Association of Standards and Testing methods), and Noble Outfitters MUDs Cold Front have a cold rating up to -17.5 C/1.4 F.

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