Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net 1.75″ Openings

Hole Size

1.75”, 3", 2.5" Heavy Gauge Netting


1 Bale

Round 4x4-6x6’ 

Square 3x3x8-3x4x8’

Made In USA


Knotted Nylon Mesh

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  • Horses are known for being “Hay Burners” because they have made an Olympic sport of wasting hay over the years. The price of hay is high (especially this year) and is expected to get higher.
  • STOP wasting hay!
  • Healthier for the horse.
  • Texas Haynet’s slow-feed hay net is designed for round bales or larger square bales.
  • Helps prevent colic, founder, and ulcers by slowing down consumption to a natural pace.
  • Improve digestion, calms aggressive behavior, reduces herd stress, alleviates boredom and unwanted stable vices, and prevents potentially dangerous health issues that can be caused by overeating.

With the Texas Round Bale Net, horses are no longer able to gorge themselves & waste expensive hay at an Olympic pace. The net is easy to use & is lightweight – no heavy equipment is needed.

*NOT recommended for shod horses without a ring or feeders. We advise using a bale feeder with a solid barrier between the shoe and the net. Use caution with horned animals and animals with ear tags. Use caution with small hooves when using nets with holes larger than 1.75″.



Additional Information

Weight 9.88 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in