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Cutest chicks in town

So, You Want To Be In The Poultry Business?

It's such a fun and rewarding experience. Starting out with nothing more than a box of tiny chirping chicks & watching them grow into full fledged, egg producing, life enriching birds!

Whether you are just looking for two to three hens for your own supply of fresh eggs, some adorable ducks to liven up your backyard, geese or even turkeys for the local show season, we have everything you need to get started!

With friendly knowledgeable staff, two stores full of products & the ability to provide you with a huge variety of healthy poultry, we have everything you need to get into the business!



So, Here's How We Work It...

We will have chicks arriving weekly from about the first week of March, through about June (sometimes longer)

Chicks are listed as either:

*Pullets (Females)  Marked with a "P"

*Straight Run (Mixed Male & Female) Marked as "ST. Run"


*Male (Roosters) Marked with a "M"

Most of what we will have arriving weekly will be Pullets (Females) unless otherwise noted. To order, simply call, stop by the store, or text us what you would like to order. (Breed, Number of Chicks, Male, Female, ect ect) We will then let you know the soonest date we will have your desired number of & breeds of chicks available.

We try really hard to have all of your desired breed & number of chicks come as one order, however, your order may come in two or more "batches" depending on the hatchery's availability of certain chicks. (We will let you know the dates your order(s) are expected in)

Chicks normally arrive to us on Thursday mornings. We will Call, or Text you when they are at the store ready for you to pick up.

*Please notify us of any changes to, or if you wish to cancel your order within at least 10 (ten) business days before your chicks are to arrive at the store.

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Breeds Of Chickens, Ducks & Other Poultry.

Click On Thier Names To Learn A Little More!

Silver Laced Wyandottes
  • Available as pullets or roosters
  • Very good egg layers
  • Lays brown eggs
  • Silvery white, edged in black plumage
  • Adult birds mature around 5.5lbs
  • A beautiful old breed that has close-fitting rose combs. they are popular in Cold weather areas since their combs do not normally freeze.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Buff Orphington
Gold Sex Links
Black Australorp
Rhode Island Reds
  • Available as pullets or roosters
  • Excellent egg layers
  • Lays brown eggs
  • Very dark red plumage color
  • Adult birds mature around 5.5lbs
  • A well known "Old Breed" that is a popular dual purpose producer of brown eggs & meat.

    Rhode Island Red

    Rhode Island Red

White Leghorns
Barred Plymouth Rock
Cuckoo Maran
Cornish Rocks
Blue Swedish Duck
  • Available as hens or drakes (Females or Males)
  • Black to gray color with white chest
  • Medium sized duck

    Blue Swedish Duck

    Blue Swedish Duck

Black & White Magpie Duck
Cayuga Duck
Rouen Duck
Khaki Campbell Duck
Pearl Guineas
  • Available as straight run only
  • Available June through August
  • Purplish gray plumage with small dots
  • One of the most popular of all Guinea varieties

    Guinea Pearl

    Guinea Pearl

Pied Guinea
White Guinea
Lavender Guinea
African Goose
  • Available as males or females
  • Grey in appearance with a black knob on their head, and dark grey stripe on their back
  • Mature male size 15 / 16lbs
  • Mature female size 11 / 12lbs

    African Goose

    African Goose

Embden Goose
Toulouse Goose
Gray Saddleback Goose
Black Turkey
  • Must order a minimum of 10
  • Straight run only
  • Available April through June
  • This is a beautiful solid black color
  • Small sized turkey that does not have a broad breast
  • Reproduce naturally

    Black Turkey

    Black Turkey

Blue Slate Turkey
Bourbon Red Turkey
Eastern Wild Turkey
Baby Ducks

Call or Stop in to Order!


Poultry availability is subject to our hatchery's availability to us. Please call us for current availability of chicks.