We offer well-seasoned mixed hardwood at our Andover and Maize locations. Need it delivered? No problem! Delivery can be arranged through our third party, give us a call today & we will get you in contact with him.  *Note* Please expect 1 to 2 weeks for delivery. Delivery is for full pallets only & ground level stacked.  We also offer log racks that can be delivered as well to keep your firewood up off the ground!

Don’t need an entire pallet? We have smaller quantities available for pick up at our Andover or Maize Location.

Please call us for availability & to schedule your delivery today!

  • Full Pallet…$180
  • Tub of Wood (about 20 logs)…$30 with carrying tub or $25 without tub
  • Bundle (5/6 piece) of kiln-dried mixed wood…..$10.99

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