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Gastric Health: The Key to Your Horse’s Best Self

By Tytanium | Jun 29, 2018

Kelly Vineyard, M.S., Ph.D. Senior Nutritionist, Equine Technical Solutions Did you know that the prevalence of gastric discomfort in active horses is high? Studies indicate that the prevalence of gastric ulcers in performance horses is 90% or more! Gastric discomfort may negatively affect a horse’s health, attitude and performance. Fortunately, recognizing signs of discomfort and…

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How to Introduce New Chickens to Your Flock

By Tytanium | May 2, 2018

How to Introduce New Chickens to Your Flock   Mikelle Roeder, Ph.D. Multi-Species Nutritionist Purina MIlls Whether you’re starting with a group of new chicks or you’re looking to add a few new hens to an existing flock, proper planning, care and management can help the transition in introducing new chickens to your flock to…

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New Rules For The Road

By Tytanium | Feb 1, 2018

So you’ve probably heard some buzz about the new laws for hauling horses. CDL’s, CMV’s, ELD’s & all the other acronyms. And it can all be very confusing. We wanted to take just a few moments to try & sort things out a bit. We found the article at Extension Horses to be very helpful…

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Horse Hoof Health & Nutrition: Balance Is Key

By Tytanium | Jan 3, 2018

Learn more about the health of your horses hooves in this well written article by Karen E. Davison, Ph.D. Director, Nutritionist, Equine Technical Solutions at Purina Mills. It’s full of information too good not to share!   The need for balance seems to arise in every aspect of horse riding and ownership. Your trainer will push…

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Should you give a pet for Christmas?

By Tytanium | Dec 15, 2017

Should you give a pet for Christmas? Tis the season for gift giving, memorable moments and big surprises. Sometimes that “big surprise” is a new puppy (or other pet) under the tree. Here are a few things to consider before you try to sneak a new pet into the house on Christmas morning…   Do…

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Alfalfa Cubes: A Little Experiment

By Tytanium | Dec 6, 2017

Alfalfa cubes are just what the name implies — alfalfa hay that has been made into cubes. This is accomplished by chopping the alfalfa hay into smaller particles and then compressing it into cube form. Because the particles of hay still have a fairly large size the cubes are still considered long stem forage. This…

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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy This Winter Presented by Canidae

By Tytanium | Nov 17, 2017

Our friends at Canidae Dog Food have put together some great info & tips on keeping your dog cozy this winter. We hope you find it as helpful as we did! And don’t forget, you can find Canidae & many other fine foods & products at Woodard Mercantile. The change in seasons can be a…

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Equine Infectious Anemia: What is it? And How To Prevent It.

By Tytanium | Nov 8, 2017

In August 2017, the Kansas Animal Health Commissioner was notified that a horse near Garden City Kansas tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) after a routine Coggins test. This initiated follow-up testing of all horses on the index premises, which resulted in the discovery of five additional EIA-positive horses, and one horse tested positive…

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Feeding Suet In Cold Weather

By Tytanium | Oct 24, 2017

Once the weather turns cold, it’s time to put out suet for your backyard birds. Suet is a great food for the winter months as it is a high energy food that is very valuable when temperatures drop. Here are a few tips and tricks for feeding suet to your birds this winter. * Offer…

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