Why You Should Shop Locally Owned Webstores VS Amazon!

Shopping at small, locally-owned webstores(like woodardmercantile.com) offers several important benefits that can have a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the overall economy. Here are some reasons why it’s important to support small, locally-owned businesses through online shopping…

  1. Small businesses play a significant role in economic development. They provide employment opportunities and generate revenue that stays within the community. When you shop locally, you help circulate money back into your local economy, which can lead to increased economic stability and growth.
  2. Small businesses like us, often prioritize personalized customer service. We can offer a more personalized and attentive shopping experience, providing expert advice and catering to individual needs. We are always an email or phone call away, without several hoops to jump thru on a phone system. Here at Woodard Mercantile you are always welcome to call us or email us about any questions.
  3. By shopping with us directly on our own website, rather than using the Amazon platform we are able to sale many items at a better price point. Amazon charges small business like us a fee for each time an item is sold. When you shop us directly here at woodardmercantile.com that has a local economic impact! Yes, we know there are also some good benefits to shopping on large online platforms… but we are just as dedicated to helping our customers!
  4. We offer local pick-up options! Many of our items are available for pick-up at all 3 of our locations, usually within the same business day.
  5. We have a dedicated and local staff to fulfill our orders and get them shipped out to you!

Shopping at small, locally-owned business websites has numerous advantages, including economic, social, and environmental benefits. It fosters community growth, encourages entrepreneurship, and allows consumers to enjoy unique products and experiences while contributing to supporting local jobs. We do sell some of our items on Amazon, but sometimes there also limitations on some products that cant be listed. Remember to always make sure that the webstores you shop from have contact info, in case if you need to contact their customer service team.

We cant say it enough… we really do appreciate you shopping with woodardmercantile.com


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