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How Long Will Ice Last In A YETI Hard Cooler?
There are many variables that affect ice retention in a cooler—including ice quality, ice quantity, and the outside environment—so this is a difficult question to answer. In short, this means there’s a lot you can do to affect the longevity of your ice—either positively or negatively.

Because of the large number of variables, as well as the lack of an industry standard for measuring ice retention, claims that place a definite time (5, 10, 14 days) are often based on testing conditions and not real-life situations.

True to our word, Tundra® and Roadie® Hard Coolers are built with up to three inches of polyurethane foam insulation, combined with a freezer-style sealing gasket to ensure a design conducive to ice retention.

Our supply of YETI Hard Coolers is changing daily, therefore we ask that if you are interested in purchasing a cooler you give us a call first. Many of our coolers may say “Out Of Stock” here on the website but we may have the color & size you are looking for available in the store.