Classic Grade-A Cedar Mulch 3 cu. ft.


**Please call for availability**

Maize: 316-722-0216 Andover: 316-768-5509 Eureka: 620-750-4031

*All Bark Western Red Cedar

*High Moisture Retention

*Holds Color

*Resists Rot & Mold

*Resistant to Floating & Blowing

*Shipping not available, Local Pick up only*


Our Classic Grade-A Cedar Mulch is known as one of the most attractive mulches available. This fragrant mulch offers long lasting beauty, durability, and protective ground cover. Cedar mulch is a top-choice for gardeners who prefer low-maintenance landscaping duties without having to replace or replenish mulch as frequently. This mulch is recommended for flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and newly planted trees.

*Shipping Not Available, Local Pick-up Only*
Specify in “Order Notes” if you will pick up at the Andover or Maize location.
Andover #316-768-5509
Maize #316-722-0216


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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 30 in


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