Hay Bonnet – The best way to protect your hay!


Hay Bonnet - The best way to protect your hay!

*WIDER STANCE- Creates more stability in High Wind Areas. No need for anchors. Easily fits over Any Large Round, Large Square or Multiple small bales.

Base remains wide open No sagging when tipping.


twisting and cracking problems as well as the loose and missing bolts common with other 2 piece models.

*TAPERED SIDES- Hampers physical contact from the stock, eliminating damage to windows and roofs.

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Hay Bonnet – The best way to protect your hay!


The Hay Bonnet is the best way to protect your investment of hay. Get more out of each and every bale with this  self-netting, covered hay feeder.  With the Hay Bonnet you can rest easy in all kinds of weather knowing you won’t have to deal with more wasted hay! They are easy to use, durable & will pay for itself in no time by eliminating wasted hay.

No Tractor? No Problem!

Just bring the bales home as needed. Set the bale in place. Strip the bale of  any netting or twine. flip the Hay Bonnet over the bale & you are done!

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What is The Hay Bonnet?

It’s a covered hay-feeder that can be used with or without a slow-feed net system.

How do I use The Hay Bonnet?

Tip The Hay Bonnet on its side, place your hay, and tip The Hay Bonnet back upright over your hay. That’s it! It’s as simple as that!

Can one person use The Hay Bonnet?

Absolutely! The Hay Bonnet is lightweight enough that a single person can tip it without any problems.

Is a tractor required to use The Hay Bonnet?

No. The Hay Bonnet can be tipped or moved by a single person, it is easily carried easily by 2 people.

Are there cost benefits to using The Hay Bonnet with a slow-feed net system for my horses?

Definitely! The cost benefits are evident in several ways.

First, and most obviously, is the savings in hay. Horses don’t waste hay when using The Hay Bonnet with the slow-feed net. Using a covered

feeder will save you 15-20% more hay than not using one. When a slow-feed net is added to the covered feeder customers typically report

30-50% savings. I personally saw the 50% hay savings! Imagine if you could feed half as much hay without your horses losing a single pound?

Second, The Hay Bonnet  saves you time and labor! Instead of going out to throw hay multiple times every day, you simply set a bale, flip The Hay Bonnet over it, and you’re done feeding for weeks! Spend a minute or less everyday to look at the net’s condition and to verify the hay level. How laborious is that? Time definitely has a cost, but only you can say how much your time is worth.

How many horses can eat at once from a single Hay Bonnet?

Eight. There are two feeding stations on each of the four sides.

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