Jolly Pets Tuff Teeter


*Interactive durable chew toys that are made from all natural, thick and durable rubber are sure to be a hit with you furry friend.
*Raised surfaces help clean your dog’s teeth as they chew, aiding in oral health and maintenance.
*Stuff with treats, peanut butter, yogurt, or any homemade snack to keep your pup interested and stimulated.
*Teeters or topples for maximum fun. Try using this for fetch and you’ll have you pup worn out in no time.
*Top-rack dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze!

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The Tuff Teeter challenges your dog with a unique design that makes him work for his treats. It’s made to rock back and forth & features a weighted bottom for intense toppling action. These durable chew toys are made from a specially formulated “tuff” blend of thick natural rubber to keep determined chewers mesmerized. Tuck a tasty snack inside for a special hidden reward. Providing hours of play for your dog! Resulting in a happier, less bored pet.

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