Mazuri Bearded Dragon Diet 8oz

*Designed to be the balanced insect portion of animals' diet - Feed alongside fresh greens and other produce.

*Formulated for the special feeding needs of insectivorous reptiles:

*Fish oil - Rich source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.

*Lecithin – Rich source of phospholipids.

*Natural sources of vitamin E.

*High fiber - Helps simulate the chitin component of the insectivore’s diet.

*Taurine - At levels that meet recommendations for carnivores.

*Product Form: Extruded feed: 1/8" round particle.

*Product Size: 8 oz. resealable poly bag.

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Mazuri® Bearded Dragon Diet is an insectivore food that simulates the high-protein, high-fiber diet of insect-eating reptiles such as bearded dragons, water dragons and geckos. Although gut loaded insects may be part of the insectivore diet, this bearded dragon food completes the insect portion of the animal’s diet and contains taurine at levels that meet the recommendations for carnivores. Pair with Mazuri® Herbivorous Reptile LS Diet to provide the plant-based portion of the bearded dragon diet.

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