Purina Race Ready

Multiple Fuel Sources - Calories from fat, highly-digestible fiber and soluble carbohydrates support both aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Nutritious Whole Grain - A natural source of antioxidants, phytonutrients and prebiotic fibers

Gastric Support - Formulated with Outlast® Supplement to support gastric health through the stress of competition

Amplify® High-Fat Nugget - An extruded proprietary blend of vegetable oils, flaxseed, and rice bran to support weight gain, endurance, shine and bloom

Year-Round Quality - Unique soy oil-molasses blend with lower sugar and higher fat than traditional cane molasses helps decrease bricking in winter and drying out in summer

Proven Palatability - Countless trials at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center and in the field verify exceptional palatability to support consistent nutrient intake, even in the pickiest eaters

Vitamin and Mineral Fortification - Provides 100% of the required vitamins and minerals when fed as directed.

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Race Ready: Give your equine athletes the race-ready edge that will help move them ahead of the competition with Purina® Race Ready® Horse Feed. This highly digestible and energy-dense formula uses three different energy sources – fats, fibers and soluble carbohydrates – to provide the calories required for top speed and endurance. With the palatable Amplify® High-Fat Nugget and Outlast® Gastric Support built-in, Race Ready® fuels top performance while using proven technology and careful formulation to support digestive health.

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Weight 50 lbs