Shoulder Relief Cinch Western – Black With Neoprene Backing

Shoulder Relief Cinch Western - Black Neoprene


Intelligent design allows for full range of shoulder motion under saddle, without interference from the tree.


Cutaways in the cinch move it away from the horse’s elbow for additional comfort.


The stainless steel roller buckle makes tightening a breeze!

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Shoulder Relief Cinch Western – Black Neoprene

Traditional Cinch Saddle Placement

When you walk next to your horse you will see his shoulder moving as he reaches his leg forward. His scapula actually rotates backward as the front leg moves forward. This is due the location where the soft tissue attaches to the scapula. Traditional (straight) cinches bring the saddle too far forward causing the saddle to block the natural movement of the shoulder.

This is due to a basic physics problem: the cinch pulls the latigos forward, which then pulls the whole saddle into the shoulders.


Shoulder Relief Cinch™ Saddle Placement

Due to the natural movement of the horse, he actually needs an additional 1-2 inches of clearance. The Shoulder Relief Cinch™ is designed with a 2 inch offset to allow maximum shoulder clearance from the saddle tree. It fixes the physics problem by utilizing the offset in the cinch to redirect the billet line and prevent the saddle from being pulled forward.

In addition to the offset design, there is also additional elbow clearance with the cutback feature.

Shoulder Relief Cinch Western – Black Neoprene

Western riders rejoice! Shoulder Relief Cinch™ is here. The Shoulder Relief Cinch™ actually changes the position and angle of the billets to prevent the saddle tree from interfering with the shoulder.    ***CINCHES ARE MEASURED BUCKLE-END TO BUCKLE-END***

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in
Cinch Sizes

26", 28", 30", 32", 34"