Drinking Post Waterer – Ultimate Watering Post – FREE SHIPPING

  • Eliminate 100% of your electric bill
  • Power outage during the winter months = no freezing = no problems for you.
  • No potential for electric shock
  • No potential for barn or structure fires caused by electricity associated with your waterers.
  • No chance for accidentally overheated water from an improperly adjusted heating element.
  • Fresh, Clean Water Every Use
  • Available in 2 different size. 6 foot or 7 foot.
  • STEP 1: Thirsty animal fills Drinking Post by pressing the paddle with their nose.

    STEP 2: When the animal is done, all the water drains out of the bowl and below the frost line.

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This is the top of the line when it comes to automatic waterers for horses!

Drinking Post Waterers will provide an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water for your animals year-round, while saving you time and money! The simplicity of Drinking Post technology ensures minimal maintenance and long-term reliability. The Drinking Post is simple yet reliable – when the paddle is pushed, only the 3 parts move – the actuator rod, the intake valve, and the check valve.

To operate the Drinking Post Waterer, a thirsty animal simply presses their nose on the paddle inside the bowl and it fills with water.  When they’re done drinking and walk away, the paddle is released and all the remaining water drains away – down through the interior of the waterer and into a leach field that lies below the local frostline.

A major component of a frost-free yard hydrant is a stop-and-drain valve. This valve is located below frost level, usually 2 to 3 m below the ground surface. The valve is operated by a lever or wheel that connects to it with a control rod. The control rod opens the valve allowing water to flow from the supply line, through the valve, up the riser pipe, and finally out through the head of the hydrant.

When the valve is closed, the flow of water stops, and a drain hole in the valve opens. The water contained in the riser pipe flows out of this drain hole into a gravel bed, leaving the riser pipe completely empty and preventing ice formation.


Additional Information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 9 × 9 in

6-Foot (Ship To Me), 6-Foot (Local Pick-Up), 7-Foot (Ship To Me), 7-Foot (Local Pick-Up)