Traeger WiFire Update

Traeger WiFire Migration
Traeger’s cloud platform, which houses all WiFire connected grill information, is moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) September 1st 2020.
Because of this change, some older models of grills that might not yet have been connected to your WiFi will need to be connected.  If you have a grill that is WiFire Enabled that was manufactured prior to November 2019, all you need to do is connect it to your WiFi. So if for some reason you have not yet connected your grill to your personal WiFi take just a moment to do so. Otherwise, after September 1st 2020 your grill will not be able to be connected.

WiFire Enabled Grills

wifire pro series

Pro Series

wifire ironwood series

Ironwood Series

wifire timberline series

Timberline Series

Is your grill ready?

WiFire enabled grills manufactured prior to November 2019 may need to be updated in order to connect with the new AWS platform. How can you tell if your grill was manufactured prior to November 2019? Serial Numbers are the fail proof way to see when your grill was manufactured. The serial number can be found in two places, on the box & on the inside of the hopper lid.

traeger wifire serial info

Why WiFire?

Having your grill connected to your WiFi & to WiFire, will allow Traeger to be able to stay connected with your grill in the future. Traeger will often drop performance enhancing upgrades to your grill from the cloud. It also allows Traeger the ability to “Log In” to your grill, offering accurate & speedy troubleshooting should you ever have any issues. It’s a lot like your smartphone, if you don’t do an update you can’t enjoy these features.

Now, that doesn’t mean your grill needs to be connected to your WiFi 24-7. It just needs to be connected once. If you have a grill that was made before November 2019 and you have never connected it to your WiFi you will lose the ability to do so September 1st 2020.

One of the best reasons to have your grill connected is the ability to control it from anywhere using your smartphone! You no longer need to stand outside to watch your grill, you can kick back & watch the game!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your Traeger Grill give us a call! Woodard Mercantile is the only Platinum Traeger Dealer in the Wichita Area. We are also an Authorized Service Center that stocks all the parts & accessories your grill could ever need!

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