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Alfalfa Cubes: A Little Experiment

Alfalfa cubes are just what the name implies — alfalfa hay that has been made into cubes. This is accomplished by chopping the alfalfa hay into smaller particles and then compressing it into cube form. Because the particles of hay still have a fairly large size the cubes are still considered long stem forage. This…

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Feeding Suet In Cold Weather

Once the weather turns cold, it’s time to put out suet for your backyard birds. Suet is a great food for the winter months as it is a high energy food that is very valuable when temperatures drop. Here are a few tips and tricks for feeding suet to your birds this winter. * Offer…

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Dog Vaccines Available Now!

dog vaccines available

That’s right, dog vaccines are available now! Keep your pooch healthy with help from your friendly neighbors at Woodard Mercantile. Stop by today and bring your four-legged friends. Looking for more for your puppy? Browse our online selection.

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Deck out your chickens!

Image - Chickens at Woodard Mercantile

Here at Woodard Mercantile, we have fun and stylish items to make your chickens the talk of the town! Here are two products we love: The Chicken Harness The Chicken Harness is designed with the comfort of your chicken in mind! It is lightweight, breathable, & available in three sizes. Your chicken will love going for walks, &…

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