Add some style to your coop with Chicken Charms!

Image - Chickens at Woodard Mercantile

Here at Woodard Mercantile, we have fun and stylish items to make your chickens the talk of the town! Here are two products we love:

chicken harness

The Chicken Harness

The Hen Harness is designed with the comfort of your flock in mind! It is lightweight, breathable, & available in three sizes. Your girls will love going for walks, & you’ll be the talk of the town!

chicken charms

Chicken Charms

Make it easy to tell your girls apart & add some fun to your flock with Chicken Charms! Custom Chicken Leg Bands. Pick the color of band, then choose your charm!

Stop by the store to pick up these must-have items today!

Looking to start your own flock? You don’t need the vast wide open spaces you might think you need. Most towns across the country will allow a certain number of chickens within the city limits! (Please check your local ordinance before bringing chicks to your backyard) Here ate some great tips on raising poultry in town:

Beginners Guide to Raising Chickens in the City

Do you live near Woodard Mercantile? If you are wanting to order chicks for the Spring, check out our Poultry Ordering Info page to see some of our most popular breeds, as well as information on how to book your poultry for pick up at our Andover or Maize Ks locations!

Poultry Ordering Info

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